Battlefield 3 trailer strikes at Karkand

Battleblog has released a new trailer and information for upcoming Battlefield 3 DLC Back to Karkand. The pack includes the “reimagined” Strike at Karkand map, based on the hugely popular Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 1942 level.

As well as the four maps, the DLC also includes 10 assignments, which are persistent throughout both the new maps and the original ones. DICE demonstrates this with the “Let it Rain” assignment, in which the player must kill 20 people with a light machine gun and two more with a mortar to unlock a new Back to Karkand weapon.

It's not all good news though - PS3 owners will be able to access Back to Karkand a week before PC and Xbox gamers. Which really sucks. If you pre-ordered Battlefield 3 you'll get Back to Karkand for free - if not, you'll have to splash out £11.99 on EA's Origin store .