Battlefield 3: End Game maps have snow, sand, forests, secret ramps

Battlefield 3: Ramps of WAR would be a better title for the final expansion pack. It adds a new AA vehicle, capture the flag, jumpy dirt bikes and four quite large new maps. "They are comparable to Caspian Border and Operation Firestorm from the base game" say DICE in the latest post on the Battlefield blog . Expect to hit conveniently collapsed bridges/angled stone slabs for massive air across desert, arctic and alpine locales. Spy them for yourself in the new screenshots below.

I'm rather looking forward to this one. Aftermath's smaller arenas were decent, but I long to return to the wide open slopes of the Alborz. The idea of massive chases across a desert plane also appeals, especially if it turns out to be anything like the action depicted in the recent capture the flag trailer:

Tom Senior

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