Battlefield 1's first night map is available now

Battlefield 1's June update is now available, granting Premium Pass and They Shall Not Pass DLC owners a new night map called Nivelle Nights. Another night map, Prise de Tahure, will release next month for the same group. 

I popped in to play a round of Nivelle this morning and enjoyed my first go at it. Nivelle is one of those maps you roam as a pack, circling the points, capturing forward bases and then returning to defend points from back-cappers, and then around again. It has deep trenches, which meant long lives for me as a medic—there was always somewhere to hide to heal up, and a lot of my revives were done under plenty of cover. When I was feeling brave, I roamed over the pitted surface, marking big groups of enemies and picking them off as best I could.

Nivelle combines the hustle of Fort De Vaux with wide-open surface level sniping and machine gunning, and I suspect it'll be a popular one—the caveat being I've only played the one round so far. Tanks didn't much factor into the round I played, but they're available, and I didn't see exactly what a full 64-player round looks like. There were about 30 people in the server at the start of my match, with more jumping in as it went on.

The update also comes with the usual balance changes and bug fixes. Sadly, the 'bug' which allowed players to stick AT mines to vehicles and ram them into tanks is now fixed. You can read the full patch notes here, and check out the overhead view of Nivelle Nights below:

There's a bit of color commentary in the chat, too.
Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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