Battlefield 1 reveal trailer remade with Team Fortress characters is awesome

I thought seeing Battlefield 1’s reveal trailer remade with Lego was pretty neat, however seeing it redone with Team Fortress 2 characters is even better. 

Complete with the Glitch Mob remix of the White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army (the track that featured in the original reveal trailer), this user-made video is the work of YouTube chap Tommy Charge, and follows its source material frame-by-frame. It’s pretty impressive.

A quick glance at Charge’s back catalogue of videos helped me discover this Team Fortress-inspired parody of 1993’s Lethal Weapon spoof Loaded Weapon. It’s also good fun.    

For something more serious and Battlefield 1-related, however, you might like to check out Evan’s impressions of the beta. He described it as “grittier, more grounded, and wonderfully messy thanks to the influence of its era,” which has suddenly piqued my own interest, given I wasn’t completely sold on its interpretation of the Great War before now. On that very point, Evan says:

“I and a lot of other people were skeptical about what this take on WW1 would mean for the series, especially after hearing that the French (who did a lot more fighting than the Americans) would be relegated to DLC. 

"I shouldn’t draw too strong of a conclusion off a single map, but I’m starting to wonder whether this is where Battlefield always belonged, nearer to 1942, not 20XX.”

Thanks, VG24/7.