Battlefield 1 open beta is now live

Last month, we got up close and personal with the class weapons of Battlefield 1’s alpha (illustrated by some wonderful gifs). Now, as promised, EA and DICE’s incoming FPS slant on the Great War has launched into open beta.

As showcased in the Gamescom trailer below, the beta will visit the Sinai Desert, within which players can battle in two different modes: Conquest and Rush. The former sees 64 players going toe-to-toe in a bid to conquer pre-set objectives across the map; while the latter is a 24-player attack and defend ordeal where success is hinged on destroying or defending Telegraph Posts.

You’ll need an Origin account to gain access to the open beta—once signed in check the Free Games section, and find it under Demos and Betas. Be sure to update your drivers beforehand too, and be aware of your native resolution as some players seem to have run into performance issues by tinkering with the resolution scale option

There’s no official word on when the open beta will close as yet, however this Reddit FAQ suggests September 8. Here's some tips from EA on how to get started.  

Battlefield 1’s full release is due October 21.