Battlefield 1 Nivelle Nights map coming soon to all players

Earlier this year, Battlefield 1 launched its first night map, Nivelle Nights, which was made available to owners of the game's Premium Pass and They Shall Not Pass DLC. Now, EA has revealed all players will be granted access in "early November."

It's (somehow) early November now, of course, so expect Nivelle Nights soon—an arena that replicates the French Battle of La Malmaison of 1917, where the French forced the Germans to give up the heavily fortified Chemin des Dames ridge.  

From that, Nivelle Nights has given select players an "intense night experience", which it will now extend to all BF1 combatants. Whether you side with the French or German army is up to you, however you'll make use of spotlights and moonlight in this map under the cover of darkness in any event.

Courtesy of YouTube person DooM49, here's Nivelle Nights in motion: 

Also coming to Battlefield 1 in "early November" is Operation Campaigns—the debut segment of which, Eastern Storm, is out soon. Again, this is for now exclusive to owners of the game's In the Name of the Tsar standalone expansion and/or its Premium Pass.