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Battlecry trailer teases bloody melee action


The free-to-play multiplayer melee game Battlecry was announced back in May, and it struck me at the time as being very much a third-person Team Fortress 2 in a heavily Dishonored-influenced setting. Evan Lahti's hands-on time with it seemed to come to a similar conclusion. Today, Bethesda released a new gameplay teaser, which as far as I know is the first time the gameplay has actually been shown publicly, and that same vibe is still there.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing: Team Fortress 2 is a fantastic game, and the world of Dishonored is one of the most visually striking settings to come along in years. But the stark similarities, regardless of the third-person perspective, are impossible to overlook.

It's a brief trailer, and Bethesda didn't have much to say about it beyond, "Hey, look at this," but more is forthcoming: Bethesda is holding a 'Welcome to the Warzone' panel at PAX Australia which will be broadcast 8 pm PDT on October 31 at Battlecry is slated to enter beta in 2015.