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BattleBlock Theater coming to PC, as revealed through an exaggeration-filled trailer

The new BattleBlock Theater trailer makes use of a novel and eye-catching innovation: lies. Through these tall-tales, we learn how The Behemoth's action platformer supports a 1,000,000,000p resolution and has won every award for everything ever. Of all the "information" contained in the two minutes of outlandish claims, there is one piece that is verified fact. The game is coming to Steam.

BattleBlock Theatre Theater was previously exclusive to XBLA, but will soon be freed from Microsoft captivity to run wild on PC. That's good news, because the original version received some pretty glowing reviews. Its tone, humour and action should be instantly familiar to anyone who's played Behemoth's previous game, the excellent Castle Crashers.

The developers have lined up the following features for the PC release:

  • Weapon switching! Players can now switch between a primary and secondary weapon in game!

  • New Cat Guard enemies throughout Story Mode.

  • Steam Workshop integration for sharing user created levels.

  • Steam Inventory integration for trading! This allows users to trade and sell weapons, prisoners, gems and yarn via Steam.

  • X input, Direct Input, and Keyboard/Mouse support.

To prepare for release, a closed beta is planned. You can sign up for that through the BattleBlock Theater website .

For more details, check out this previous XBLA release trailer. It contains almost 100% less fibbing.

Phil Savage
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