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Battle Princess Madelyn, the sidescroller co-created by a 7-year-old, flaunts new gameplay

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Last year, I met Christopher Obritsch, the indie developer whose boss is his 7-year-old daughter (opens in new tab) Maddie. Under the banner of Causal Bit Games, the pair's debut venture Battle Princess Madelyn is a Ghosts' N Ghouls-inspired retro sidescroller. It's got a new trailer, and a new Kickstarter backer update (opens in new tab)

First, here's the former:

The latter explains Battle Princess Madelyn is "nearing the final month of testing and corrections", and that its final boss has gone through five complete overhauls. A different boss has been wiped completely, says Chris, and while Maddie has drawn all of the game's bosses to date, this one took a different approach. 

"The two bosses that changed were pretty heavy—the last boss in particular," explains Chris. "Instead of having Maddi draw them, I had her sit with me to speed up the process and tell me what needed to be done. The boss for Germany, which I don’t think we’ve ever shown, ended up getting trashed completely. 

"This was because I felt that it just wasn’t epic enough, it felt smaller than a mid-boss. So, the writer and I dug out an older idea and rewrote the dialog for that part of the script. The boss ended up being a humorous take on the original idea, but also Maddi meeting a younger, hard-headed version of herself in a way."

Chris continues: "The final boss was redrawn and redesigned a few times. Nothing was feeling epic enough. Following the story too close wasn’t cutting it, it started as a rival sorceress girl the same age and size as Maddi, but the first half of the fight felt too plain and samey. I worked with Maddi a few times on how the last boss should look overall. There was a giant zombie woman head [and] dragon snake things."

Elsewhere, Chris explains how the game's inventory system and blacksmith tie into its story—more on which can be read here (opens in new tab)

Battle Princess Madelyn is without a hard release date, but is "coming soon". Here's its Steam page (opens in new tab).