Battle Chicken: What's his story? [Updated!]

UPDATE: We have a winner! Congratulations to bt545, the Official 2011 PC Gamer Halloween Caption Hero in both our hearts and our minds.

Sometimes an image shows up in the PC Gamer compound that confounds even the most brilliant of our caption writers. So we're challenging PC Gamer fans and poultry enthusiasts to give the Battle Chicken pictured above a caption that befits such a brave and noble creature with excellent taste in websites.

To enter, leave your caption in the comments below. It can be humorous, pensive, gripping, free-associative, tautological, or any combination of the above. On Monday October 31st we'll repost the image with the winning caption and the winner will be the Official 2011 PC Gamer Halloween Caption Hero!

But if you just can't work up the inspiration for a great caption, take heart: you can still enjoy a Halloween you'll remember for years to come if you build yourself this nice flamethrowing jack-o'-lantern .

Have at it, peeps!


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