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Batman Skyrim mod adds new class, Batcave, overpowered Batsuit

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If you missed it earlier this year, Phil Iwaniuk's mod-driven quest for photorealism in Skyrim is a great read and its practices are a guaranteed way to get more from the fifth Elder Scrolls instalment. Conversely, adding Batman to Skyrim Special Edition is great fun too. 

As this mod's name suggests, the latter is exactly what TuffMcKagan and Doc117's The Batman in Skyrim is all about.

"An urban legend haunts Tamriel; all of the holds... the townsfolk whisper of him... of it," reads the mod's description. "A shadow haunts the night, predating on the superstitious, the cowardly. Is it a Nightingale? No, people have reported Nightingales have fallen to its might. A Daedra? Can't be—it banishes them when it confronts them. Is it an Assassin? One can be skeptical—no one in the Dark Brotherhood knows of anyone like the rumors speak of. Then who?"

Batman, of course. And TuffMcKagan_and_Doc117's project adds a new player home, a new race, a standalone set of armour, a new enemy, a new NPC, several new Batman (and where possible, Skyrim) lore-friendly spells, and a "magnificent" Bat-Horse. 

From front to back, the mod's owned player home is a sprawling complex named Vaynius Manor that its creators compare to the Goldenglow Estate in size. Within, the HQ's underground cave network leads to the Batcave. The new race, so say the mod's creators, is outfitted with the skills necessary to become Batman, while the new set of armour is a "severely overpowered" Batsuit. 

Billed as "admittedly experimental", the new rampaging enemy can be found in Markarth—a mysterious Bane-like fellow who dons a Luchador mask and claims to be born in the darkness. TuffMcKagan and Doc117 reckon taking him on requires the Batsuit, so bear that in mind before venturing to The Side with your chest puffed out.

Lastly, The Batman in Skyrim adds a friendly NPC—"what is Batman without his butler?"—a number of new spells, and the aforementioned Bat-Horse. More information, including installation instructions, can be found this-a-way