Batman got given the Yoshitaka Amano treatment and it's gorgeous

Detective Comics Issue 1063 Cover Variant by Yoshitaka Amano
(Image credit: Yoshitaka Amano)

This August's issue of DC's Detective Comics is set to feature some bloomin' gorgeous artwork from one of my favourite artists of all time: Yoshitaka Amano.

Amano's iconic illustrations have graced many a Final Fantasy game, shaping its early iconic aesthetic with his wispy and ethereal drawings. Now, he's lending his distinct style to issue 1063 of Detective Comics as part of a special cover variant (thanks, Kotaku). It features Batman cradling a woman—said to potentially be Batman's sweetheart Talia al Ghul—against a gothic backdrop.

The cover variant is relatively rare, with only one being printed for every 25 standard edition copies. It's pretty damn stunning though, and a worthy variant to seek out for lovers of Amano's work.

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The upcoming cover variant is just one of many illustrations Amano has done for DC. As shown by TropicalMaru on Twitter, he's also done an amazing Harley Quinn piece along with artwork for Batgirl, Superman, and a Suicide Squad cover. He's even done another Batman cover variant in the past for issue one of DC vs Vampires. That one has the superhero looking much gnarlier, surrounded by pals like Robin and Batgirl.

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