Batman: Arkham Knight video shows more 'dual play' combat

Batman Arkham Knight

We're just over a month away from the release of a new Rocksteady Arkham game. If that sounds like an enticing prospect, maybe you'd like to know some more about this sequel's updated combat. Specifically, maybe you'd like to know about 'dual play'—the name Rocksteady has given to Arkham Knight's tag-team punching.

Dual play is the focus of the new "Arkham Insider" video diary. The system works by having an AI mate join Batman in the midst of the battle. Throughout the fight, the player can switch between Batman and his pal—keeping and building the same combo while doing so. With a high enough combo, the player can execute a special takedown and watch as both heroes simultaneously go to town on some poor fool.

I'm intrigued by the system, if not fully sold on it. Part of what I love about Batman's combat is its semi-rhythmic simplicity. It's a call and response game, and one that I've always felt suffered as added complexity was added. Another AI in the mix seems like a risky addition, but could potentially make Arkham Knight's combat the best in the series to date.

We'll see on June 23, when Arkham Knight is released.

Phil Savage

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