Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition will raise level cap, add new characters, improve mod support

Baldur's Gate

Beamdog boss Trent Oster has been throwing out tidbits of information on the upcoming Enhanced Edition of Baldur's Gate in a flurry of activity on Twitter , spotted by Shacknews . They suggest that Beamdog's updated version of Bioware's RPG classic will feature a raised level cap to provide a bit of extra headroom for the new quests.

The enhanced edition will feature a few new characters, too. The search for voice actors is already underway , and Oster even teases the possibility that Jim Cummings could return to reprise his role as Minsc. But who will play Boo?

The Enhanced Edition will retain Baldur's Gate's default difficulty levels, but we should expect a more vigorous challenge from bonus quest enemies. "For our new content they are nasty" Oster tweets . He also mentions that "Mod support will be improved," and suggests that the excellent widescreen mod has had an influence on development.

In addition, "#bgee will have all the classes and races added by BG2 and Throne of Bhall. We're planning at least one completely new kit." The six-character party cap will remain, to save the team having to rebalance the entire game.

In terms of future projects, Oster indicates that an update to Icewind Dale is more likely than a move to Baldur's Gate 3 , which would require a whole new engine.

For more on the updated version of Baldur's Gate, keep an eye on the Enhanced Edition site , and Trent Oster's busy Twitter feed .

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