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Awesome Games Done Quick raises over $1.5 million for cancer research

Games Done Quick

The week-long speedrunning exhibition/competition Awesome Games Done Quick wrapped up yesterday having raised more than $1.5 million for cancer research. Well played to all involved and to those who donated. Here's AGDQ's confirmation of the total, via Twitter:

The 2015 edition of Awesome Games Done Quick ran from January 4 to 11, putting some of the best speedrunners in the business up against games ranging from Super Pitfall and Legend of Zelda to Portal 2, Metal Gear Rising, and Batman: Arkham City.

The whole thing was streamed live on Twitch, and also recorded for posterity; all of it will eventually be posted on the Games Done Quick YouTube channel, and in the meantime links to all the runs are up on Reddit. (For my money, the Tetris Grandmaster Showcase is particularly fantastic, so I embedded it above.)

The total amount raised includes direct donations, as well as sales of merchandise and a AGDQ-themed Humble Bundle (which, unfortunately, is now over). If all goes as planned, Summer Games Done Quick will do it all again in July.

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