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Xbox One wireless controller adaptor gets November release in Australia

Xbox One

If you live in Australia and were planning to pick up an Xbox One wireless controller adaptor tomorrow, hold fire: while the release date is still October 20 in the US, Microsoft's local rep has advised us that it won't release until November 13 over here. No reason was given, but the price remains AU$29.95 for the dongle. That's not including the controller, of course.

While that's a bit deflating for anyone eager to get their hands on the dongle immediately, you can still get the Xbox One controller running wired in Windows. Also, if you're planning to get one, note that the wireless functionality only works with Windows 10.

Relatedly, for anyone getting Steam Link, the adaptor will work seamlessly with the device, according to Valve via VentureBeat.

Andy Kelly reviewed the Xbox One controller last year, describing it as "a quality gamepad and a vast improvement on the 360 version". That couldn't prevent Sony's DualShock 4 taking the top spot in our list of the best controllers for PC. The big question remains: can the Steam controller improve on both of them?

Shaun Prescott
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