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World of Tanks "security incident" exposes emails and hashed passwords, financial info safe

The thick armoured hull of World of Tanks has been breached, spilling the precious goods contained inside. Some of them, at least: In the vaguest possible statement, assure that, while a "security incident" has exposed "some" hashed passwords and email addresses, their customers' financial information remains unaffected.

"As a part of usual security practices, we recently became aware that some personal information may have been compromised due to a security incident," Wargaming writes . "We immediately launched an investigation into the incident and can assure you that no financial information was accessed. However, we believe that some password hashes and email addresses were affected by the compromise."

To incentivise users to update their details - and perhaps as recompense for the fact the breach happened in the first place - Wargaming are offering 300 Gold to everyone who changes their password. For more information, check out their " Change Your Password Event " page. Thanks to Eurogamer for the heads up.

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Phil Savage
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