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World of Tanks boasts 45 million players, 2 billion hours of collective tanking are rounding out the year with some light bragging about the success of their free-to-play tank battler, World of Tanks. To celebrate their "incredible year," they've posted an infographic full of figures showing off the success of the game. The big number? Over 45 million tank commanders have played the game.

600 million battles have been fought by players all around the world, including Vatican city. Which may explain why the Pope hasn't been tweeting much. Those battles stretch across 23,000 years of collective playing time.

Here's the full round up:

World of Tanks is just the start of's plans for global war machine domination. The upcoming World of Warplanes is currently in closed beta testing, with World of Warships also due sometime next year.

Thanks, Polygon .

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