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WildStar trailer introduces Medic and Engineer in a full class jamboree

Finally, after weeks of teasers, Carbine Studios have rounded up the full gang. We've got the damage-dealing Warrior, the damage-dealing Esper, the damage-dealing... well, you get the idea. Also, for the first time, we get to see the two formally unannounced (which is to say: announced) classes: the Medic and Engineer. Any guesses as to whether they're going to deal damage?

That'll be a yes then.

While the Engineer is yet to be fleshed out, the Medic is the subject of the latest DevSpeak video.

So while we're still waiting on details of exactly how the Engineer will play - an especially intriguing prospect given just how much the Medic already focuses on deployables - we at least know the full selection of potential play styles when the game is released.

Phil Savage
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