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Victory concedes defeat, as Petroglyph cancel Kickstarter campaign

Just over a week in, former End of Nations developers Petroglyph have cancelled the Kickstarter campaign for their RTS-MOBA mash-up Victory , after raising around $30,000 of their $700,000 goal. In an interview with IncGamers , the team revealed that they've "learned that Victory is definitely not the type of game that the Kickstarter community craves", adding in the latest Kickstarter update that "multiple game publishers have expressed interest in Victory, based on your support, and we hope to still bring Victory to you with their help."

In the interview, Petroglyph also hint that they may return to Kickstarter later on, with a different and hopefully more victorious project. "We've received a ton of feedback, and it's been very helpful and appreciated. A better Kickstarter project for us would be to make a much more traditional RTS game that appeals to the nostalgia of classic RTS gaming experiences from the 1990′s. Fans have suggested spiritual successors to Dune 2, C&C, Red Alert as well as sequels to Star Wars: Empire at War and Universe at War: Earth Assault." I'd be quite partial to a new Dune RTS, just as it long as it lets you ride the Sandworm.

Thanks to BluesNews .