Under the Ocean trailer introduces gorgeous indie survival sim

Perhaps you're having a hectic day, perhaps you caught a glimpse of Gabe Newell peering suggestively over his cash fan and now your heart's all a-flutter. Sit back and enjoy this calming slice of footage Under the Ocean from RPS . It's a gorgeous remake of the free survival/exploration game, Under The Garden in which your blue chap must strike out into the surrounding wilderness to find food and shelter.

Under the Ocean's simplicity is part of its charm, but the way its objects interact is so sensible that the logical solutions that emerge feel almost ingenious. It's the antithesis of your typical overly complex, contrived adventure game puzzle. It's refreshing, and wonderfully serene.

Under the Ocean is still in an early stage of development, but you can follow its progress on the Under The Garden site , where you can pre-order now and help the two-man team bring Under the Ocean into the open.