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Ultra Street Fighter 4 will drop Games for Windows Live

Ultra-kill! The ultra in question being Ultra Street Fighter 4, Capcom's most superlatively titled version of the game to date. The kill? Games for Windows Live, which has again been sent flying from a series in a slow motion KO arc. The removal of the unpopular service was confirmed, via Twitter, by Neidel “Haunts” Crisan, an employee at Capcom.

Here's the tweet, spotted by NeoGAF :

"We'll be transitioning from GFWL to Steam," is a statement that suggests Steamworks. Valve's feature integration service performs a similar role to GfWL, albeit better and without seeming to punish PC gamers for daring to spend time away from an Xbox. Even so, there's enough ambiguity that full Steamworks support isn't yet confirmed. Especially given that Haunts doesn't appear to know exactly what Steamworks is.

And if you want even more good news, Haunts also confirmed that the PC version of the fighter is planned for release on the same date as the consoles.

In all, PC-based fighting game fans have had plenty to be happy about recently. Let's hope the genre's continuing support of the platform is set to continue.

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