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Ubisoft releases a free coding game for kids

Ubisoft Montreal has taken a break from murdering people throughout history to release a free coding game for kids. Rabbids Coding is an educational game with a slapstick bent, courtesy of the titular mutant bunnies. 

The rabbids have broken into the International Space Station and caused a bit of a mess, so they need to be ordered around using blocks of code to clean it up. Designed for kids aged 7 and upwards, the 32 levels are meant to teach them programming basics, like telling the rabbids which direction to move in or when to interact with objects.

Bossing the rabbids around is as simple as dragging basic instructions into the coding area and arranging them in the correct order, and swapping them around if something doesn't work. Kids will learn how to create loops, conditions and, Ubisoft hopes, get started down the path of becoming a game designer. 

"Ubisoft is committed to preparing the next generation of videogame developers, and what better way to start teaching them the basics of coding than with a fun and interactive learning experience," said game director Olivier Palmieri.

Rabbids Coding is out now, and you can grab your free copy here.

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