Trine 4 ditches 3D and is due out this year

After a dalliance with 3D in Trine 3, the series is returning to its 2.5D origins in Trine 4, Frozenbyte and Modus Games announced today. It will reunite the platforming, problem-solving triumvirate for more jumping, fighting and puzzles in a world plagued by a prince's nightmares. Typical royalty. Check out the trailer above. 

It looks gorgeous, as Trine always does, but bears a closer similarity to the first pair of games. Trine 3 went fully 3D, which proved to be a bit of a mistake. 3D puzzle platforming is a whole different kind of thing, and the third game was not quite up to the task. The return to the old perspective is a welcome one, then. 

Also, look at this hedgehog. 

It's adorable. I'm not saying I'm more interested in what the hedgehog is up to than the fate of a prince with an overactive subconscious... actually, no, I absolutely am saying that. Who smashed those plant pots? And how will the critter avenge them?   

Trine 4 introduces 4-player local and online co-op, so who knows? Maybe I will get to play as a rotund little hedgehog. Also, expect "abundant" skill trees and a brand new combat system where you have to fight your nightmares in boss battles.

Trine: Ultimate Collection will launch alongside Trine 4, containing every game in the series, including 4, along with a digital sounrdtrack, art book, reversible cover and Trine 4 map. 

You'll be able to grab either on Steam, Discord "and other PC platforms" this autumn.