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The Surge is a "hardcore" sci-fi RPG by the creators of Lords of the Fallen

Artwork Teaser

Lords of the Fallen studio Deck13 is developing a "visceral hardcore RPG" with a science fiction theme. Dubbed The Surge, publisher Focus Home Interactive will showcase the game at Gamescom next month. Apart from that we don't know much, though recent reports suggest the game will be set in a “dystopian sci-fi future” with "innovative new combat mechanics".

Deck13 collaborated with CI Games on Lords of the Fallen. The latter studio is working on a sequel to the moderately acclaimed Souls clone, but Deck13 won't be involved. Eurogamer pressed CI Games boss Marek Tyminski on the topic in May, to which he replied that the reasons behind the parting were "confidential". On the bright side, he did reveal that Lords of the Fallen 2 will probably release in 2017.

As for The Surge, that teaser image at the top of the page is all we have to go on, until the game's inevitable reveal next month.

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