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The Sims 4 Create-A-Sim demo now available for download

If you didn't see EA's Sims 4 live demo at their Gamescom press conference, you missed out on long minutes of incredibly awkward banter. Actually, no, you didn't; you can see it all via the magic of Twitch VODs . Other than a sense of deep embarrassment, the session also provided news of a general release for the Create-A-Sim demo. You can now prepare for the game's imminent release by pre-creating your subjects of vicarious virtual living.

As shown in the trailer, the Create-A-Sim demo lets not only make, tweak and shape your Sim, but also define their personality and even their gait.

You can download the demo right now, through Origin . The Sims 4 is due out in a few weeks, on 4th September.

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