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The original Samorost gets a free 'enhanced edition' on Steam and Itch

Samorost 1, Amanita Designs' first foray into the weird and wonderful point 'n' click adventure games that would go on to define the studio, has been updated with a free enhanced edition on Steam and

The enhanced edition improves Samorost with sharpened-up visuals and remastered sounds. But it also revamps the soundtrack with new audio from Tomáš "Floex" Dvořák, the composer on later Samorost games and Machinarium. 

Samorost is wordless and toylike, something you can complete in under a lunch break. Your wee gnome drifts through surreal landscapes formed of nature photography and simple sketches, poking and prodding to see what makes this world tick. It's a philosophy that carried through 2016's Samorost 3—a grander experience that reviewer Andy Chalk called "weird, wonderful, and a worthy next step in the evolution of Amanita Design."

More recently, Amanita took its adventuring sensibilities to deckbuilders with Pilgrims, where you recruit miscreants and curiosities into your hand to play in each new scene. The studio is currently working on the horrific-looking Happy Game, which is due to release later this year.

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