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The next Need for Speed instalment will be unveiled tomorrow

Need for Speed, the long-running racing franchise which aims to sate humankind's primal desire for going very fast, is getting a new instalment this year. We don't know much about it yet, but we will this time tomorrow, as the series' official Twitter account has revealed as much.

The image embedded above provides a timeframe for the announcement, with the Tweet linking to the game's YouTube page. It also features a graphic which, for those inclined to speculate, may hint at the game's setting. I'm inclined to say that this instalment won't take place completely at night like its predecessor did. Also, you'll be able to do burnouts, and there will be orange cars, and there will be a city you can drive through, one that kinda looks like Seattle. Admire my powers of deduction in the comments section.

Fingers crossed it'll be a return to form for the series because, with Forza now on PC, it's got a lot to prove. The late PC port for 2015's Need For Speed wasn't too great, according to our reviewer. "The series leaves its garage looking even worse than when it went in. Decent handling doesnt save it," Ben wrote.

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