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The Humble Very Positive Bundle features eight 'very positive' games (and bonuses) for $10

As game bundle names go, the Humble Very Positive Bundle does not exactly roll off the tongue. But it brings together a very decent, very inexpensive collection of games that all have one thing in common: A "Very Positive" user rating on Steam.   

For the $1 minimum (to unlock Steam keys), you will get Super Mega Baseball: Exta Innings (90% positive), The Deadly Tower of Monsters Special Edition (90% positive), and They Bleed Pixels (88% positive). Surpass the average, which at the moment is a little under $6, and you'll add Hacket (93% positive), Crashlands (90% positive, and also my personal favorite of the bunch), and UnderRail (88% positive). And finally, at $10 or more, you'll also get Stephen's Sausage Roll (99% positive) and Curious Expedition (89% positive). 

Paying at least $1 will also get you a coupon for 10 percent off a new Humble Monthly subscription and the Deadly Tower of Monsters soundtrack; the UnderRail soundtrack is the beat-the-average bonus. Charities this time around are the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and SpecialEffect, a UK-based charity dedicated to helping people with disabilities access and enjoy videogames. 

The Humble Very Positive Bundle is live now and runs until May 16.

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