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The Elder Scrolls Online expands closed beta with a new round of invites

The world of the lonely, contemplative Khajit pictured above is about to get just a little bit busier. Bethesda's autonomous email bouncers are letting a few more people into the still incredibly exclusive closed beta for The Elder Scrolls Online . This is another expansion to the MMORPG's early testing schedule, in which weekend events help the team to gather feedback on specific features.

While invites have now been all sent out, the ESO team encourage applicants to check behind the back of their Spam folder. Which rather suggests that they've been filling invites with talk of foreign princes needing account details and online SEO courses.

"If you don't receive an invitation, don't worry," sympathises the latest announcement post . "The ESO beta continues to grow, and we'll let you know when we send new invites. Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm; we can't wait to see your feedback."

If you haven't received the chance to provide that feedback, console yourself with our hands-on preview .

Thanks, PCGamesN .

Phil Savage
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