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The Division 2 update Invasion: Battle for DC goes live tomorrow with Tidal Basin

The Division 2 update Invasion: Battle for DC will get underway tomorrow with the rollout of Tidal Basin, a new stronghold held by the powerful Black Tusk faction. Once completed, players will unlock the ability to advance to World Tier 5 and gain access to even more powerful weaponry, with a boosted gear score cap of 500. 

The update will add a new "Heroic" difficulty level, while players at World Tier 5 will also have to deal with "weekly invasions" in which the Black Tusk takes over main missions and strongholds in the city. A new PvP map called Fort McNair is being added to the game, as will a pair of new exotic weapons, Pestilence and Nemesis. A special "Apparel Event" will run from April 5-25, during which players will be able to collect special masks, weapon skins, and outfits inspired by enemy factions.   

April 25 will also see the first eight-player raid come to The Division 2 in the next update, Operation Dark Hours, and the addition of Classified Assignments. The update after that, which is currently without a date or proper title, will add a fourth specialization and a new weapon. Details are up at

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