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That Dragon, Cancer successfully funded; stretch goals announced

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Days before its Kickstarter campaign was scheduled to finish, That Dragon, Cancer has successful met, and surpassed, its initial funding goal of $85,000. That means its release is a certainty, but supporters are still welcome to contribute to the campaign, with several new stretch goals announced as incentive. If the project raises $95,000, each early backer will receive a high-resolution poster by creator Ryan Green's sister.

"It was created by my sister, Zoe's Aunt Stephanie, and it will be one of the art pieces hanging on the wall of the hospital in the game," Green wrote. "We hope that if you love it, you will print it and let it grace your own wall."

Meanwhile, if the project reaches $110,000, each early backer will get a digital .pdf art book. The book will contain art by those who contributed $200 to the project, and these will also appear in-game.

"Since we have surpassed our original goal, we wanted to offer some small tokens of thanks for helping us reach our future goals," the creators wrote in a campaign update. "Every dollar that we raise beyond the original goal will help us avoid $75,000 in debt as we complete the game."

Originally announced as an Ouya exclusive, That Dragon, Cancer is a tribute to Joel, a 12 month old diagnosed with terminal cancer. The project is the work of Joel's father Ryan Green.

Shaun Prescott
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