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Talking Esports is a free book about how to become a pro gaming caster


Have you ever dreamed of being an esports broadcaster? Are you curious about what goes into the work behind the scenes? Whatever your interest, a new book entitled Talking Esports: A Guide to Becoming a World-Class Esports Broadcaster may offer the insights you need to become the Mean Gene Okerlund of the digital age.

Talking Esports was written by Paul "ReDeYe" Chaloner, a professional gamer who became involved in broadcasting in 2002. He's a long-time competitor in the World Cyber Games and ESL, and joined ESL TV on a full-time basis in 2013.

"The book covers almost every aspect of esports broadcasting whether you want to be a home broadcaster, a professional caster at live events or even a show host," the description at states. Topics include a brief history of online broadcasting, but the focus is clearly on more practical matters, like "Handling Criticism," "Dress Code," "Saving Your Voice (AKA Avoiding a sore throat)," "Breaking Into the Scene," and how to handle interviews and "throws"—transitions to other segments of a program.

"Hopefully there is something for everyone that wants to work as a broadcaster in esports," the site says, and in this case, "hopefully" is good enough to give to give it a shot, because it's free. Donations are welcome, but the preferred option for most people will likely be "pay with a tweet," which provides full access simply for tweeting about it. So if talking excitedly about esports are your thing, why not give it a shot? Fame and fortune (absolutely not guaranteed) awaits!

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