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Tales of Symphonia is now on Steam


Tales of Symphonia, the second single player game in the series to hit PC after last year's Tales of Zesteria, is now live on Steam. Originally released on GameCube in 2003, the PC version is based on a PS3 port released in 2014 – so it should look pretty decent, though I've not had the chance to check it out.

It's the most recent in a spate of previously unreleased JRPGs on Steam, which we've rounded up over here. The next Tales of... game to hit PC is likely to be Tales of Berseria, which has been confirmed for a Western launch on Steam, though publisher Bandai Namco hasn't indicated exactly when.

Tales of Symphonia is considered a classic among veterans of the series. It's definitely responsible for establishing the series' reputation as one of the most cherished (and prolific) JRPG names, so even though it's relatively old, long-starved PC JRPG fans will probably want to snap it up.

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