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Stardew Valley update: What's new in the latest patch

Stardew Valley's friendly and earnest approach to farming and town life exploded in popularity when it released in 2016. The last three years have brought slow but substantial updates to farm life in Pelican Town starting with the addition of four new farm maps and eventually Stardew Valley's multiplayer farming. 

Stardew Valley is still being updated by developer Concerned Ape, and it looks like Stardew Valley's latest update, 1.4, could come before the end of 2019. Below we've cataloged the patch notes for Stardew's 1.3 update and all the following bug fix patches. On the second page is a running history of all prior major updates and patches.

Check back in the coming months to get all the patch notes for Stardew Valley 1.4 when it arrives!

Stardew Valley update 1.4: What to expect

Concerned Ape has kept updates coming in Stardew Valley 1.4 relatively quiet, though there are a few clues we've gathered. 

One thing we know for sure is a new map called Four Corners teased in a tweet by Concerned Ape. Though the image shared (above) doesn't show much of the map, it would make sense that this farm separates co-op farmers for a bit more independence. It looks like the greenhouse may be at the center of all four player corners. A related feature, the much-asked-for ability to have separate gold balances from co-op partners, is also confirmed. Concerned Ape says replies in this Twitter thread that players can visit Mayor Lewis' house any time to separate or re-join their gold balances.

The most recent tweet from Concerned Ape above confirms a feature we hadn't seen coming: fish ponds.

The Stardew Valley community Tumblr page also posted a few minor changes expected based on conversations with Concerned Ape in the Stardew Valley Discord. Among them are six new hairstyles (though the only pictured is a bald style), hover-over indication on items needed for the Community Center bundles, and Quality of Life changes like stackable signs and chests. 

Stardew Valley multiplayer update 1.3 - August 1, 2018

Stardew Valley's 1.3 update brings the highly-anticipated addition of multiplayer farming which was previously only achievable with mods. Multiplayer support is a big update alone, but 1.3 brought a bushel of other changes, additions, and bug fixes.

The Night Market

For three days in winter, a traveling festival visits Pelican Town. Unlike a normal festival, farmers can come and go as they please, and the location isn’t “locked out” at any point (there’s no setup). Pelican Town is different for a few days, and most of the townspeople’s schedules change to reflect that. The festival offers farmers a once-a-year chance to acquire unique items, purchase an original work of art from the famous Lupini, enjoy some live entertainment, and more.

Secret Notes

During the Winter season, a player can unlock the Secret Notes collection by walking to the Bus Stop from their farm between 6am and 4pm. A short cutscene plays where a "Shadow Guy" is startled and runs away, which triggers the "A Winter Mystery" quest in the player journal.

Community Upgrade (Buy Pam a house)

After fully upgrading the Farmhouse and completing the Community Center (or purchasing a JojaMart membership), players can purchase the "Community Upgrade" at the Carpenter's Shop for 500,000g and 950 Wood. Robin will then build a new house for Pam.

A romantic intervention

Players who are unmarried and have obtained max heart level with all the bachelors or bachelorettes (and seen all heart level cutscenes) in town are rewarded with a special event. After meeting these conditions, entering the Stardrop Saloon (for the bachelors) or Emily and Haley's house (for the bachelorettes) will trigger the event.

If the player has a Rabbit's Foot in inventory, the cutscene will consist of a gossip session about Mayor Lewis and Marnie's relationship.

If the player does not have a Rabbit's Foot in inventory, all bachelor(ette)s will express anger about the player dating them all at one time. Regardless of the player's dialogue choice(s), all bachelor(ette)s will decide to give the player the "cold shoulder" for about a week after the event. After about a week, all bachelor(ette)s will forgive the player, and dialogues return to normal.

Changing professions

Inside the sewer, the Statue of Uncertainty will allow the player to change profession selections for a single profession. After donating 10,000g to the statue, the following night the player will choose the level 5 and level 10 professions for the given skill line.

Other Content Additions

  • Added buildable shipping bins to Carpenter's Shop.
  • Added Abigail encounter at level 20 in the mines.
  • Added new heart events for Jas, Linus, Pam, Vincent, and Willy.
  • Added rare treasure chest rooms in Skull Cavern.
  • Added new monsters in the Skull Cavern: Carbon Ghost, Iridium Bat, and Iridium Crab.
  • Added new items: Auto-Grabber, Cactus Seeds, Garden Pot, Wood Sign and Stone Sign, Solid Gold Lewis statue, Pearl, Wedding Ring, new paintings, and decorative items sold at shops and festivals throughout the year.
  • Added Bear's Knowledge, Special Charm, Spring Onion Mastery.
  • Added different stationery for letters from Sandy and the Wizard.
  • Added horse hats.

Multiplayer farms

Check out our guide to getting started with Stardew Valley multiplayer.

Stardew Valley now supports up to 4 player co-op. Co-op is nearly identical to single-player, but with 1-3 other friends playing together with you to achieve a common goal. Any single player game can be “converted” to a co-op game by having Robin build one or more cabins on your farm.

One player serves as the host, and the other 1-3 players connect to the host in order to play. Therefore, the host must be in-game at all times when the group wants to play.

The new update adds a Co-op button to the title screen. Clicking the button will bring you to the co-op menu, from which you can:

  • Host a new co-op game
  • Re-host an existing co-op game
  • Join a new farm (provided that any of your friends are hosting and have a cabin available for you)
  • Re-join a farm (provided that the host is in-game)
  • Join a LAN game (by entering the IP address of the host)
  • Enter an invite code (generated by the host) to join a game (this allows for Steam/GOG crossplay)

When hosting a new game, you’ll have some new options available to you:

  • “Starting Cabins” gives you the choice to start a new game with 1-3 cabins pre-positioned on the farm. If you decide to go this route, you’ll have two “Cabin Layouts” to choose from: “Nearby”, which places the cabins close to one another, encouraging a communal farming style, and “Separate”, which places the cabins far apart and allows for more independence. Alternatively, you can start with no pre-positioned cabins and instead build them yourself (via Robin).
  • “Profit Margin” adjusts the profit margin of goods that you sell. You can choose between “Normal” (the original Stardew Valley amount), “75%”, “50%”, and “25%”. This is, in effect, a way to increase the difficulty of the game. For larger groups of experienced players, it might be desired. However, keep in mind that there already is some “scaling” of difficulty built into the game, since each player will need to upgrade their own tools, upgrade their own houses, buy bigger packs, etc.

Other multiplayer notes:

  • In co-op, all players share the same pool of money, and are working together on the same farm. The state of the game world, including the main storyline, is shared between all players. However, each player has their own private inventory,  skills, achievements, collections, relationships, quests, and crafting/cooking recipes.
  • In general, it’s assumed that co-op games are only being played with people you trust. The game maintains no real concept of “ownership”, since all players are working communally on a shared farm.
  • When it’s time to go to bed, all players must enter their beds. Only then will the day end.
  • Players can marry each other by crafting a “wedding ring” (An old Zuzu City tradition), and offering it to another player. If the other player accepts the ring, the couple is now engaged.
  • The chat box allows you to communicate with each other with the help of nearly 200 custom Stardew Valley emojis!

Balance Changes

  • Increased purchase price of wood, stone, ores, and coal in the year 2+. The gold received for selling them is unchanged.
  • Reduced price of Tub o' Flowers from 1000g to 250g, and recipe from 2000g to 1000g.
  • Breaking small tree stumps now provides +1 foraging XP.

Once the player reaches the mine bottom:

  • prismatic shards and diamonds may rarely drop from any monster;
  • gems and purple mushrooms may be found when searching trash bins;
  • gems and purple mushrooms may be requested in NPC quests;
  • some monsters will be stronger.

Other changes

  • Once the player reaches the mine bottom, the Dwarf will attend weddings.
  • Golden Pumpkin is now a universal love (instead of universal hate).
  • Tweaked several seed packet sprites.
  • Tweaked Mr. Qi dialogue portrait.
  • You can now add Mayor Lewis' shorts to the Luau soup.
  • You can now put Fire Quartz in the Furnace to produce Refined Quartz.
  • You can now refill a Watering Can at the kitchen sink.
  • Fireplaces are now furniture, so you can move them around and buy different fireplaces.
  • Fruit Trees cannot be planted on top of decorations in the Greenhouse border, or in the corners of the Greenhouse.
  • Replaced gold display on player menu from "g" to "金" in Chinese.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crops harvested with a scythe not giving XP.
  • Fixed bee houses always giving wild honey when used on custom farms.
  • Fixed seeds planted out of season disappearing.
  • Fixed player collapse being cancelled when they open the journal.
  • Fixed animal mood & happiness bugs.
  • Fixed crystalarium item swap exploit.
  • Fixed furniture being usable to complete bundles.
  • Fixed some recipes allowing Milk, but not Large Milk.
  • Fixed crash that occurred after 596 hours of gameplay.
  • Fixed staircase being spawned on mine level 120 when a placed object is destroyed.
  • Several grammar/spelling fixes.
  • Fixed Wheat Seeds and Bok Choy Seeds descriptions in Brazilian-Portugese.
  • Fixed spring sign on bathhouse in Chinese.

Stardew Valley update 1.3.36 - March 1, 2019


  • Added French, Korean, Italian, Hungarian, and Turkish language support
  • Added a new Credits menu to replace the "About" menu on the title screen, and removed the /credits chat command.
  • Removed unneeded tilesheet files under Content.
  • Removed translated map files under Content/Maps (translated tilesheets are now loaded automatically).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where music doesn't correctly play in the morning.
  • Fixed bug where giving a gift to an NPC caused the gift action to happen twice in rapid succession.
  • Fixed furniture rotation bug for "stools".
  • Fixed Junimos not disappearing after the final goodbye.

Stardew Valley update 1.3.33 - January 8, 2019


  • Improved performance in locations with lots of light sources (e.g. torches).
  • Improved performance on farms with lots of animals.
  • Tweaked new "H" health icon.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiplayer visual glitch when another player uses a tool and then starts moving in a new direction.
  • Fixed "fishing stance" visual glitches in multiplayer.

Stardew Valley update 1.3.32 - November 19, 2018


  • Optimised network performance.
  • Added more ways for the host to unpause the server (by pressing ESC, B, Back).
  • Added alternative way to show the chat box (press right stick button on a controller).
  • Added internal changes for modders (should have no effect on vanilla gameplay).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed slimes not pouncing correctly.
  • Fixed items-crafted stat being 0 after loading a file until you craft something again.
  • Fixed rabbit's foot not affecting the breakup scene in non-English language modes.
  • Fixed some rare tool-related crashes in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an audio-related crash often caused when using bombs.
  • Fixed Junimos dropping crops on the floor instead of collecting them.
  • Fixed NPCs walking through the saloon doors.
  • Fixed a few rare-ish crashes that can occur when connecting to another player's game.
  • Fixed eye color being reset to brown after reloading.
  • Fixed inability to use rod / slingshot in festival minigames.
  • Fixed the title menu back button being hidden behind submenus.
  • Fixed inability to move after receiving a gift at the Feast of the Winter Star.
  • Fixed crash when saving after the game adds Lewis's shorts to Marnie's house.
  • Fixed crash viewing the map when another player is in certain events.
  • Fixed "double sound" when using singing stone.
  • Fixed a Geneva Convention violation (by replacing red crosses in graphics).
  • Fixed clicks on the chatbox not being registered when the game is paused.
  • Fixed players sometimes walking off in a straight line through all terrain when they get disconnected.
  • Fixed babies sometimes spawning in houses that don't belong to the parents.
  • Fixed the potential for overnight events to cancel or skip a wedding event.
  • Fixed a desync that could occur if a player tried to get into the casino after a different player has removed the bouncer.
  • Fixed players able to simultaneously build overlapping farm buildings.
  • Fixed only one player being able to get the dark talisman.
  • Fixed the inability to place donated items on the bottom two rows of the museum.
  • Fixed farmhands being unable to pick up items they dropped in festivals.
  • Fixed Pam's upgraded house interior event not happening.
  • Fixed visual glitches caused by triggering a shared event simultaneously with the return scepter.
  • Fixed softlock caused by mistaken ability to use daggers during events.
  • Fixed players all receiving the same personal overnight events on the same day (e.g., spouse asking if you want a baby).
  • Fixed attempting to demolish cabins of abnormally disconnected farmhands causing the cabin to be destroyed after you leave the buildings menu.
  • Fixed farmers getting stuck in the fishing casting animation after picking up someone else's rod.
  • Fixed host sometimes appearing stuck using tool in shared events.
  • Fixed softlock when you play the Journey of the Prairie King past 2am.
  • Fixed glitched chest lid appearing when you destroy a cabin.
  • Fixed duplicate songs in the jukebox.
  • Fixed only one player's glow ring working at a time.
  • Fixed farmhands not being able to see each others' bundle changes.
  • Fixed bug causing some players to become married to two other players in 3-4 player farms.
  • Fixed player sometimes getting stuck in bed after another player got in and then back got out.
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