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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order just got a new arena combat mode

You may not have noticed, but today was May the 4th*, which is apparently pretty big for Star Wars fans. To celebrate, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order just got a substantial free update adding a new combat arena for players who have already mastered the campaign.

It actually sounds cool: the arenas are accessed via Meditation points, and take place across "multiple planetary backdrops." The 'Combat Challenges' mode is pretty much a horde mode, with a total of 12 tiered challenges, each with a star rating. These are designed for players who have already acquired all of Cal's abilities, but if you want to go in without them, well, good luck.

The other arena mode is called 'Battle Grid' and it sounds more interesting. It basically lets you design your own combat encounters by dropping enemies onto a grid. In addition to choosing which enemies go where, there are difficulty modifiers, and two enemies that don't feature in the campaign—Cal Kestis and Jaro Tapal—can be fought.

There's also a New Journey+ mode, which lets you replay the game with most collectibles and upgrades already unlocked. New cosmetics for Cal and BD-1 are also part of the pack, which should be available now. Here are the full update notes.

If don't have Fallen Order but do play Fortnite, a bunch of Star Wars loot is available right now, and probably not for too much longer.

*With apologies to the southern hemisphere, who got their Star Wars day yesterday.

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