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Square Enix teases Outriders, a sci-fi game set on an alien world

Square Enix will be showing off Outriders, a new sci-fi game, at E3. The teaser, above, gives little away, just showing someone waking up from cryostasis. We'll find out more at Square Enix's E3 conference, but there are a few things we can learn from the Outriders Twitter account

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It's been around since 2017, though the first signs of life weren't until May. Until yesterday, all of the tweets were mission logs from a trip across space. They're little glimpses into the journey of the Flores, a ship heading towards "humanity's last hope and salvation", the new world of Enoch. 

Things aren't looking too good back on Earth, apparently, so people have been bundled into this ship, put in cryostasis and sent to start a new life on a new planet. Some of the logs are from Captain Simon B. Archan, while others are automated messages with damage reports and failed attempts to communicate with Earth. 

The captain's final log was on May 29. 

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The setup sounds like it could be a survival game, or survival adjacent, but the teases have been vague enough so that it could be anything. There's been some speculation that it's another Marvel game, but at this point the only connection is a very loose one: Outriders are aliens that serve Thanos. In this case, however, it seems pretty clear that the outriders are the colonists, venturing out into space to save humanity, and not big alien goons. 

On June 10, we'll know for sure.

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