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Spacebase DF-9 update adds angry citizens, lets you lock them in the brig

I'm sure we can all agree that the world needs more vitriol—that or, possibly, the reverse. Either way, Double Fine have added angry, angry citizens to their sci-fi sandbox Spacebase DF-9 , along with a brig to stuff them into when they get a bit worked-up. The puntastic 'Brig Ambitions, Broken Dreams' update includes a few other big inclusions and fixes too, and some patch notes I'm going to poke fun at after the break.

A reminder: Spacebase DF-9 is kinda a bit like Dwarf Fortress, only with (currently) a lot less stuff in it. Rowan had mixed feelings about the early Early Access version last November , but it's had a fair few updates since then. The latest, as mentioned above, adds power systems and gives citizens the option of being angry about things in their environment, anger that will spill out into violence as it builds up. Handily, you can now lock these people away in new 'Brig zones', which will reduce their rage but remove them from their daily life/work schedule. Citizens can also carry, and become attached to, possessions, and you can assign them their own beds to increase their happiness statistic. There's a lot of new stuff included in the update, so be sure to check out this post for the whole shebang.

And now for the fun part: out-of-context patch notes, which this time read like minimalist poetry. *Clears throat*.

"Plants don't grow in rooms with no light."

"Sparks appear briefly when a Technician fails at a maintenance task."

"Sabotaged turrets fire at everyone."

"Citizens double over wheezing if they have a bad illness."

"Fixed: Morale shouldn't change while asleep."