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Space Crew is heading towards disaster this October

Bomber Crew, the calamitous World War 2 bomber sim, is a tricky FTL-like where you've got to run risky missions and try to stop your plane from blowing up. It's tough but fun, and it's also getting a sequel. Space Crew shares even more with FTL, set as it is on a spaceship perpetually hurtling towards disaster. A new features trailer appeared today, along with the release date: it's coming on October 15.

Space Crew will let you take command of customisable ships and fill them with your hand-crafted crew, from the captain to your engineer, who'll have to try to hold the vessel together as it flies through radiation, asteroid fields and groups of enemies. 

During the real-time 3D battles, you'll boss your crew around and send them to put out fires, man stations and fight off invaders, all while trying to deal with the ships trying to crack your hull. Unlike FTL, however, you're not going on a single perilous journey. Space Crew is mission-based, so you'll be heading out into space on specific jobs, like bounty hunts or reconnaissance. 

If it's anything like its predecessor, you should also expect things to go wrong a lot more often. Malfunctions, people falling off the plane, even landing presented a lot of dangers in Bomber Crew. And space is way more dangerous than the sky. The sky is easy. Even babies can fly planes. Look it up. 

Conveniently, you can go on a space joyride before it appears on October 15 courtesy of the Steam demo

Fraser Brown
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