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Sonic the Hedgehog modded into Dragon Ball FighterZ is exactly as ridiculous as you expect

Sonic the Hedgehog's gaming career has blossomed in the past decade. He's gone to the Olympics with Mario. He's punched Mario in the face in Super Smash Bros. He's headlined a kart racer with an all-star cast. He's been an anthropomorphic motorcycle in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And now Sonic is finally on the battlefield he was born for: powering up into golden Super Sonic in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Bless you, PC modders. You're doing the lord's work.

Modder Beatz posted the work-in-progress video above of Sonic (and Super Sonic) skins added into Dragon Ball FighterZ, overwriting the character of teen Gohan. There's work left to be done to replace Gohan's voice clips, but the animation already looks shockingly good on Sonic's model—he looks perfectly at home punching and kicking Frieza, flying through the air, and charging up massive kamehamehas. It feels only fitting that Super Sonic, an homage to Dragon Ball Z, gets to come full circle here.

Also, I'm just saying: you probably didn't know you needed to see Sonic firing off a one-handed kamehama with Goku at his side, but trust me. You did need it.

The Sonic mods are a collaborative effort between modders BeatzYT3, SirGiygas, NibrocRock, and _Mizumi. They're not available yet, but separate downloads for Sonic and Super Sonic are on the way. Keep a look out on the FighterZ mods website

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