September 1999 is a VHS-style free horror game you'll finish in 5 minutes

This lunchtime, as I miscalculated the start of a PC Gamer meeting, I found myself with some extra minutes to spare. I used this time to download 98DEMAKE's September 1999 from after seeing the developer tweet about it, promising that it takes a lean 5 minutes 30 seconds to complete. 

It's a pretty simple little game, putting you in a corridor with a camcorder while the scariness escalates. It's a nice atmospheric piece, and the game closes when it's done. "It's pretty much an experiment on the whole 'watching a tape' style of gameplay," says the developer. While September1999 is free to download, you can also pay for it on 

And if you enjoy that, 98DEMAKE has a Patreon to support ongoing projects. The developer also made the early 3D-inspired game OK/NORMAL, which you can check out on Steam. For more awesome free games like this, check out our list of the best free computer games on PC.