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Sea of Thieves is raising funds for cancer research with the swanky new Sails of Union

Sea of Thieves players who like swanky glow-in-the-dark sails and want to do a solid for the fight against cancer have until November 6 to indulge both interests with the sweet new set called the Sails of Union.

Developed in partnership with the Stand Up to Cancer charity, Sails of Union are available for $6/£5 on Steam or the Microsoft Store. They look great during the day, but really (and literally) shine at night, when their hidden starfield patterns become visible. (Update: Stand Up to Cancer was kind enough to explain that they're designed to look like constellations, but aren't modeled after any in particular.)

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75 percent of the funds raised through sales of the Sails of Union on Steam, and 100 percent of funds on the Microsoft Store, will be donated to Cancer Research UK in support of the program, or, for purchases made from the US, directly to Stand Up to Cancer. 

The sails are part of Stand Up to Cancer's "Game On" program in which players raise funds by taking on challenges like driving Forza Horizon 4 laps in reverse or playing Ori and the Will of the Wisps using only projectiles. Details and signup links for that are available at

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