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Sea of Solitude, a beautiful game about a woman turned into a monster, revealed at EA Play

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On the heels of Unravel 2's surprise release, today EA revealed another game from its EA Originals program: Sea of Solitude, an upcoming third-person exploration-focused game from Berlin-based developer Jo-Mei Games. 

As developer Cornelia Geppert explained on-stage at EA Play, Sea of Solitude tells a deeply personal story set in a world where, "when humans get too lonely, they turn into monsters." Which is exactly what happened to protagonist Kay, a woman suffering from tumultuous inner turmoil. 

As Kay, you explore Sea of Solitude's beautiful, flooded, monster-infested world in search of answers. How did Kay wind up in such a dark place? How can she return to being human? We'll find out when Sea of Solitude releases in early 2019.