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Rogue Trooper: Redux teaser introduces the updated GI

Rogue Trooper: Redux, "an HD remaster of the cult shooter game based on the 2000 AD comic series," was revealed to the world back in March. But while he's kind of a big deal on the UK side of the ocean, over here, well, let's just say he's about as much of a household name as Strontium Dog. Luckily, for those you wondering why Doctor Manhattan needs a gun now, this new video from publisher Rebellion will give you a helpful primer to what's going on. 

Rogue Trooper (the guy, not the game) is a "genetic infantryman"—a GI—who is literally bred for war. He's immune to toxins, disease, and environmental hazards, and possesses highly-advanced combat skills that have have been honed in training literally from his birth. He's also the last of his kind: The rest of the GIs were wiped out in the Quartz Zone Massacre, which is what spurred Rogue to, well, go rogue—seeking revenge against the people responsible for the deaths of his fellow clone squadmates. 

(My own experience with Rogue Trooper actually came by way of the Friday continuity, which I learned only years later is a sort of reboot/retcon of the original character, and not really "him" at all. Basically the same thing, though: Blue dude, bred for war, mad about his buddies, and looking for payback.) 

A release date for Rogue Trooper: Redux hasn't been set yet, but Rebellion said it will have more information to share "very soon." For now, you can get a little bit of a closer look at, or check out the original 2006 game on Steam.