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Riot dates League of Legends 2015 All-Star Event

League of Legends World Championships1

Riot Games has announced that the year-ending 2015 League of Legends All-Star Event will take place from December 10-13 at the North American LCS Studio in Los Angeles.

Fans will once again have the opportunity to vote for five players representing regional "dream teams" from the NA League Championship Series, EU LCS, LCK, LPL, and LMS, but this year the top team from the International Wild Card All-Stars event, being held in November in Australia, will join the action as well.

Each of the six teams will be assigned to either Team Fire or Team Ice based on their region's performance at the World Championship, and will do battle for "fame, fun, and player rewards for their region." The All-Star Event will also feature one-on-one matches, fan-voted competitions, "fun game modes," and other action.

All-Star voting will begin in November, with further information about how you'll actually cast your ballot to be revealed as the big day draws closer. In the meantime, could a Western team take the trophy home this year? We think it's possible! Read why here.

Andy Chalk
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