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Respawn producer appears to tease new Apex Legends character

(Image credit: Tina Sanchez, Twitter)

An Apex Legends developer appears to have teased the next character coming to the battle royale shooter by sharing images from a Respawn motion capture session.

Tina Sanchez shared the image above on Twitter alongside another picture of her wearing a suit covered in sensors and carrying a cane. "Working on Apex Legends stuff," read the tweet. 

In response, a fan asked if the images relate to Crypto, who is rumored to be the next Apex Legends character. Sanchez simply responded with a mouthless emoji.

(Image credit: Tina Sanchez, Twitter)

The speculation that Crypto, presumed to be a hacking specialist, would be the next Apex Legends character begun when a laptop showed up in King's Canyon before the start of Season 2: Battle Charge. Crypto was also one of the names that showed up in early datamines of future character names.

You can read all about the speculation here.

Thanks, Dot Esports.