Resident Evil Revelations bigs up horror aspect in latest trailer

Resident Evil Revelations is probably the most satisfying RE of recent years (on the 3DS at least - I've not played this Revmake), and that isn't so much a compliment as a reminder of how confused the series has become since the triumphant Resident Evil 4. This previously handheld-only side-story returns to the game's roots somewhat, boasting claustrophobic environments and even a few shocks, admittedly while retaining quite a lot of shooty moments. In the first of a series of developer diaries, Capcom are reaffirming their dedication to 'Heritage and Horror', which is coincidentally the title of my screenplay about a series of grisly murders in a National Trust house. Resident Evil Revelations is out on May 21st in the US, and May 24th in the UK and Australia.

This revamped version of Revelations boasts a super-difficult Infernal Mode, in addition to the betterer graphics and biggerer resolution you'd expect from a game that was once crammed into a teeny-tiny handheld screen. Here are some people talking about how horrible it will be - you know, in a good way.