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Rainbow Six Siege's loot box system is rolling out today

If there's one thing a competitive FPS can't lack nowadays, it's loot boxes. Ubisoft announced back in February that Rainbow Six Siege would get its very own twist on the format – dubbed Alpha Packs – and they're rolling out as part of the game's 2.1.1 title update.

The "chance-based loot system" will contain cosmetic items, the likes of which you've been able to purchase with Renown previously, as well as "exclusive" Legendary tier items. These Alpha Packs can also be purchased with Renown – Siege's in-game currency. 

"We will be staggering their activation across every platform in an effort to ensure the most stable deployment possible," the update reads. "We understand this may be frustrating for some, but it is imperative that we do not impact performance." Each player will receive a free Alpha Pack with deployment.

That's not all the update ushers in, of course: it's actually quite massive. Hibana's X-KAIROS Launcher has had a number of tweaks, while a spawn kill exploit on the Kanal map has been patched up.  The full notes are over here.

It's all part of Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Health, a three month period where new maps and operators have been replaced with a general overhaul to the game's user experience.

Shaun Prescott
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