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Offworld Trading Company is going to a cold, gassy moon in the next expansion

(Image credit: Stardock Entertainment)

Offworld Trading Company, Mohawk Games' sci-fi economics sim, is returning to Jupiter in a new expansion, specifically one of its wee moons, where you can harvest gas and inflate your bank account. 

The Europa Wager will let you settle the titular methane-spewing moon in search of profits, introducing a new location, resources, buildings and obstacles. Europa sort of sucks, being both very chilly and very gassy, but you can make that gas work for you by plonking down methane extractors, gas plants and hydrothermal plants.

Unfortunately, the frozen, cracked ground is rubbish for building on, so your structures could collapse, and it looks like you'll need to work a bit harder to help your colonists and keep your operation going, providing plenty of life support and being cautious about where you start your next construction project. 

It's quite pretty, though, and very blue, which looks almost calming after building on Mars and Io. Obviously this is a trap. In our Offworld Trading Company review, Matt Elliot called it a ruthless and pitiless management sim, so don't expect your first trip to Europa to go smoothly. 

It's due out this autumn, though the specific date hasn't been announced. 

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