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Not Everything Is Flammable is a free game about burning

Not Everything Is Flammable

Whoops, I've just spent the last half-hour idly browsing free games. Luckily, if I write about one of them, that time suddenly gets reclassified as "work". Hurrah for loopholes!

Not Everything Is Flammable is a free game about things that are flammable. You play as fire, and your mission is to burn things. Here's the interesting bit: you control the last object you touched—or, more accurately, the object that you are currently burning. Each time you jump (yes, you can jump), your light dims. To extend your life, you must reach a new flammable object before you go out.

Different objects have different weights and movement properties, and some are more advantageous for crossing inflammable sections than others. It's part strategic, part reactive. It's also procedurally generated, meaning you're always reacting to slightly different surroundings.

You can download Not Everything is Flammable from Gamejolt.

Phil Savage
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